Return To One

You’re reading this. You were meant to.
What you make of that is up to you.
Or is it..?

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Return To One dances the razor’s edge of karmic-adventure and folk-fantasy, of spiritual quest and self odyssey. In a world of warm villages and beautiful dreams, Misha expects that same life to always be hers. But life, and Gaha, have very different plans…

Launched on a quest beyond her control, Misha comes face to face with more of herself than she ever dreamed, or wanted. With each path travelled, each moment on their road, she and Lec are brought deeper into the depths of who we all are, and why we’re all here. From vibrant villages to enthralling crystal caves, from finding self to knowing All that Is, Return To One is an unexpected meeting with your soul.

What Readers Are Saying

“…Return to One is more than a masterful narrative of adventure and suspense. It is a rich source of compelling ideas from an author who dares us to question our beliefs.”

“It satisfies on EVERY level. It will unglue you. It will stun and shock you. It will rearrange EVERYTHING you’ve learned and assumed about life, love and human interaction.”

“Return to One… is a winning blend of amiable characters and damn good storytelling. It is part spiritual odyssey and part rousing adventure. Return to One has it all.” –Drew, Virginia, Unites States

“Return to One is an enchanting tale of the human rite of passage like no other. It describes the journey of spiritual discovery that every earthbound soul must ultimately undertake during the course of our lives; the journey that leads to the evolution of human consciousness.”

“Return to One is, for me, a return to Hope.” –Andrew, South Africa

“I feel like I just came down from a combination of psychedelic substances I have never taken before, but in reality I just finished Return to One… I think.”

“I have never read anything so beautiful… I really don’t know how to thank you… But thank you anyway and know you have moved me to an extent I had yet to experience before. I laughed and cried for most of it.” –Jess, North Carolina, Unites States

“The amazing thing is that I felt every so often that the story was about myself and my own journey – in fact I think it is about the journey of all of us. And the book is about each one of us and the ONE of us.”

“After finishing the book I felt a huge YES… a remembering of what I know deep down, but wrapped in a unique and surprising package.” –Dagmar, Wiltshire, England

“Those on a personal life-journey, no matter on what road, are destined to find this novel a diamond along the path.”

“Return to One feeds our deepest spiritual cravings and highlights the inward path to self-realization intuitively… this book is long overdue to the world… Spiritual seekers, and those of us who are just curious, will find both inner satisfaction and unanticipated delight in reading this novel.” –Alexander, Australia

“This is a tale of epic proportions yet it never deserts the raw processes of human existence. It weaves our everyday reality into a myth of heroic discovery.”

“But it does not beat about the ‘burning bush’. It beats with it.” –Edmund, Hampshire, England

“In Return to One… the reader will find an exciting journey… the journey we all must take in this life.”

“I would highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a better understanding of the nature of the Universe, a better understanding of the self, or anyone seeking to understand…” –Andrea, Texas, United States

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